Friday, July 21, 2017

Adding Buckle to Longchamp Backpack

I needed a bag for my European trip but the last time I used a backpack purse, I was pursued by many pickpockets.  One pair even had my bag unzipped and started opening my wallet, luckily a local lady alerted me.  But I still want a backpack, my shoulders hurt form a regular shoulder travel bag.

I chose this bag because it's impossible to unzip with the snap down without me noticing.  But I also wanted to be able to carry it around in museums so I decided to sew a clip to the back pack straps.  The backpack can be worn as a purse albeit upside down using the new buckle, the extra strap can be buckled around my waist and take the weight off my shoulders and lastly, I can buckle the bag to my seat back or armrest when I am in a restaurant.